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Let us never cease to be grateful to those who established the freedoms for which our Country stands and those who have placed themselves in harm's way to guarantee those freedoms; and let us never forget how precious life on this planet is for all of its creatures.”
-Jim Kassebaum
Rhino Tile

Laguna Endangered Species Awareness Tile Series

*Click on the year to see each tile.


(Common Name)




Desert Tortoise
Karen Patterson
8" round
Glazed - single color
Polar Bear
Karen Patterson
7" x 9"
Multiple glazes
Schaus Butterfly
Karen Patterson
7" x 9"
Encaustic (2 clay colors) no glaze
American Crocodile
Dennis Caffrey
Tile Guild
8" x 8"
Peregrine Falcon
Bob Shenfeld
Syracuse, NY
8" x 8"
Cajun Press/High relief/Stain rubbed
Red Wolf
Jon Neiford
7" x 7"
High relief - rubbed with wax
Greenback Cutthroat Trout
Mark Hodgkinson
(The Green Man Potter - Boulder)
St Dennis, France
D'Anjour (central)
8" round
Model hand carved in wood;
Tile pressed in 50T press
constructed by Mark
Western Lily
Caryn Fieger
8" octagon
Pressed and bisqued by Lenny,
glazed and fired by Caryn
California Brown Pelican
Jim & Sue Sullivan
8" elliptical
Designed, pressed, glazed and fired by the Sullivans.
They picked the pelican and did the 1st draft of the write-ups
Hines Emerald Dragonfly
K. J. Patterson
8.75" “freeform” round
Karen picked the Dragonfly.
lots of hand decorating
Black Rhinoceros
Kevin Myers
8" square
Kevin picked the Rhino. Lots of hand decorating
with new Specialty Art Glazes. We pressed the tiles.
Thick Billed Parrot
Diana Watson
5.875" x 7.8"
Diana selected the parrot (over her Asian elephant).
Cuerda Seca style.
Used EM334 with her custom glazes
American Bald Eagle
Janet Panozzo
8.5"W x 10.375"H
Eastern Small-footed Bat
Trikeenan Tileworks
Kristin & Stephen Powers
Triangular 6" x 6"
Created with Cone 6-8 stoneware and Sand grain glaze.
Monochromatic with pooling for effect.
Eastern Puma
Bella Vista Tile
Lisa & Jim TeviaClark
6" x 6"
Horned Lizard
Haldor Hjalmarson
Phoenix, AZ
6" x 6"
Sea Turtle
Patty Galvez & Tim Hueckel
HCP Chico, CA
7.25" x 5.25"
Cone 10 Oxidation
Whooping Crane
Julie Brooks
8.25" x 5.5"
Cone 5 oxidation
Made with Laguna Clay and Glaze
Humpback Whale
Allison Moore
Made with Laguna Clay and Glaze;
Frost Porcelain WC-437 glazed with several of Laguna Crackle Series Glazes.
Giant Star Coral
Keith Carlson
Made with Laguna Clay and Glaze;
#8 Pressing Clay EM-348 glazed with several of Laguna Creatable Color Glazes. Glaze fired to Cone 06.
Mexican Spotted Owl
Ray Peelman
Stephani Stephenson
Dennis Caffrey

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