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 A letter from Jon Brooks

Dear Laguna Clay Distributors and Loyal Customers,

I want to personally share with you the sale of Laguna Clay Company. Your trust is well placed with the new owners I have chosen. The family has been manufacturing clay products for over 67 years.

My devotion to the ceramic community over these past 36 years and the decision to sell has been weighty. However, this decision and transition is made with your needs and wellbeing as my priority. The compelling challenge to continue to deliver a consistent level of quality will be supported, and to be maintained, by the employees you have worked with all these years.

The vibrant and positive energy of Laguna's new owner and President, Bryan Vansell, will be everything you have expected and relied on under my leadership.

My most ambitious and longstanding effort has always been Laguna Clay and a sincere thank you for being a part of that.

I look forward to my retirement, my hobbies and watching the continued success of Laguna Clay Company, albeit from afar. It has been really neat and I offer a heartfelt thank you for all your support.

Very sincerely,
Jon Brooks

 A letter from Bryan Vansell

On behalf of Terrakotta Inc. I am thrilled to announce the asset purchase of Laguna Clay Company. Terrakotta Inc. is our family-owned company and we will continue to do business under the name Laguna Clay. As the new President of Laguna Clay I share with you my assurance that Laguna Clay will continue to deliver the quality products and service that you have come to expect and all the key and contributing employees you have worked with for years will be with me to ensure that.

Some of you may know me better for my work with Mission Clay Products LLC. At Mission Clay our Art & Industry program has been working, contributing and assisting ceramic artists for the past 38 years. ( My commitment to the ceramic community has truly been enhanced with the acquisition of Laguna Clay.

My MFA degree from Claremont Graduate School and my love of clay has been a helpful and contributing factor with my wonderful family in this acquisition. I am truly grateful.

We at Laguna Clay will strive to continue the vision and commitment of Jon Brooks. He is legendary in my view for what he has brought to the ceramic field and I thank him, personally, for trusting in me to continue that goal.

A sincere thank you for your loyalty to Laguna Clay. We, together, will strive to meet and exceed your needs and goals as ceramic educators and artists in effort to continue and promote the wonderful world of ceramics.

Bryan Vansell
Laguna Clay Company

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