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City of Mission Viejo 2009 Prelude in the Park
Orange County Pacific Symphony Public Mural Project

A project using the Laguna Creatable Colors, Cone 06 Glaze System


Prelude in the Park

City of Mission Viejo 2009 Prelude in the Park - Orange County Pacific Symphony Public Mural Project

Write-Up by Jennifer Koons

Prelude in the Park Community Mural
2009 Pacific Symphony

     At Prelude in the Park, during Target Symphony in the Cities Summer Concert Series featuring Maestro St. Clair and the Pacific Symphony on August 1, 2009, the community of Mission Viejo created a community mural.

     To practice the technique of using Creatable Colors, community members started with the unique and colorful border. One of the composers for the Pacific Symphony from the 1990’s, Frank Ticheli, gave us permission to use two of his pieces, Postcard and Radiant Voices. The 4" X 8" border tiles each hold roughly 8 measures of music, 4 measures above the white line and 4 bars below. The notes are the little squares and rectangles. The melodies move up and down as in a regular score, just without the lines; and the beat is visible as the size of the rectangles expand and contract. In the "Musical Playground," community members happily worked side by side to colorfully glaze these musical border tiles.

     The mural highlights the orchestra depicting musicians playing instruments that range from the violin, cello, bass and flute to the French horn, trumpet and piano. The piano notes flow with the music and they come from the conductor’s fingers. The singer is engaged and the audience is enthusiastically applauding. As the mural comes together, the classical and patriotic tunes take over the night.

     In only a few hours, several hundred symphony enthusiasts and community members sat down at over 90 feet of table to glaze silk screened tiles. Adding color to the tiles, using applicator bottles with Laguna Clay Company’s brilliant Creatable Colors, made the mural’s orchestra and music come alive. The designs on the 8" X 8" tiles composed three segments of the mural which stretched over 12 feet wide and 3 feet high. People of all ages and abilities were excited to participate in a community art project that would commemorate such a special event. Even when people would have to wait for the right color glaze, they were always eager to add their special touch to this community’s Prelude in the Park Mural.

     Mission Viejo Community members can view their contributions to the mural and reminisce about that fantastic summer concert once the mural is installed at the Oso Creek Trail near the Oso Viejo Community Center. Community mural art was assisted by Jennifer Koons, Cha-Rie Tang, Melanie Yarak and Janet C. Panozzo.

Creatable Colors
Creatable Colors, Cone 06 Glaze System

This versatile system is a teacher’s best choice. Starting with a great palette of vivid or muted colors and Majolica white base glaze the artistic journey can be as simple or complex as the lesson plan requires. How many colors can you create with Creatable Colors? You do the math. From strawberry red to the blue-green of the ocean's depths, Laguna's 19 Creatable Colors can be used right out of the jar or mixed with one another to create a virtually endless number of shades and hues.

All of the glazes can be mixed with each other for color theory projects. The raw glaze color is similar to the fired glaze color, making glaze application more similar to painting! Decorating is a snap for beginners using under glaze style application* for murals and Empty Bowls projects. The teacher can then apply clear gloss or Clear matte glaze which creates an attractive, uniform glaze surface. Community projects like the City of Mission Viejo 2009 Prelude in the Park - Orange County Pacific Symphony Public Mural Project require preparation but make total community participation a reality. A gallon of the durable Majolica white and a variety of colors is a great start for Majolica glaze techniques for more advanced students.

Creatable Colors are
  • A stand-alone glaze
  • An underglaze with a matte or gloss clear
  • A majolica glaze kit with white majolica base for a traditional majolica decoration
  • A great palette for traditional tile techniques like Cuerda Seca
Contact with your questions about Creatable colors and our Versa 5 Cone 5 system…Creatable Colors bringing out the artist in everyone!

*These ARE glazes and will become glassy, always fire elevated from shelf and not in contact with other pieces.
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