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Fired-On Images Lesson Plan

This Lesson Plan uses Fired-On Images along with Laguna Clay and Creatable Colors to create unique and beautiful tiles to be enjoyed by all!

Click Here to download the complete printable step-by-step intstructions for this Lesson Plan – (PDF)

Click Here to download the actual Fruit image used for this Lesson Plan (PDF)

Note: We have created links to help you find the exact products used in this Lesson Plan.  Simply click on the highlighted material you are interested in and you will be directed to our site if you would like to learn more about the materials or purchase them.


Option 1: Color is added as Under-glaze (Majolica style)

A. Size image and print out on plain paper to trace or directly onto Clay Carbon
B. Paint bisque tile LM362 with 2 coats white EM2101 Laguna Creatable Color Glaze, let dry
C. Trace image on to dried white glaze surface








D. Paint in the lines with 1-2 coats Creatable Colors assorted colors (this fruit crate label sample used Red, Medium Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange).







Decorating Hints:

  • Print the image onto a sheet of Laser compatible transparency film. That way you can hold the image over the tile as you paint to make sure the color is exactly where you want it.
  • Use masking tape or liquid masking fluid for crisp lines and edges.

E. Fire to Cone 06







F. Print image onto Fired-On Images MS Transfer Paper using ANY Canon or HP Black-only Laser printer or copier.

Printing Hints:

  • Print on the glossy side of the paper, one sheet at a time, placing in the manual feed slot of the printer.
  • HP or Canon Black-only Multifunction Laser Printer/Photocopiers can be used as standalone.
  • Fired-On transfer printers without the need of a computer hook up. You just put the image onto the copier platen and print directly onto the transfer paper.









G. Cut out image close to edges
H. Soak in warm water






I. Lift image with backing paper intact and place on tile using one hand hold film down and carefully pull out backing paper from underneath with the other hand
J. Line up with image push water out with paper towel or soft brayer.







K. Fire to cone 06

Option 2: Color is added as Over-glaze

1. Paint bisque tile LM362 with 2-3 coats white EM 2101 Laguna Creatable Color Glaze
2. Fire to cone 06
3. Print sized image onto decal paper using any HP or Canon Black-only printer
4. Cut out close to image edges
5. Soak in warm water
6. Pick up with backing paper intact and lay onto tile …using one hand hold down film and pull out backing paper with the other hand
7. Push water from center outward with paper towel or soft brayer
8. Fire to Cone 06
9. Paint in the lines with assorted Creatable Colors Glaze

Over-glaze Hints:

  • Over-glazing onto a smooth pre-glazed surface can be tricky if the glaze or brush is too wet.
  • Use a dry brush with glaze that is the consistency of paste (put some liquid glaze on a scrap glazed tile and let dry until the right consistency)








10. Fire again to cone 06

Stoneware Instructions (Cone 5 Glaze)


Overglaze Method:

A. Paint your cone 5 ware with 2 -3 coats Versa 5 White Glaze MS301
B. Fire to Cone 5
C. Apply Transfer as instructed
D. Fire to Cone 06
E. Paint in the lines with assorted Creatable Colors Glazes
F. Fire to cone 06.

Stoneware Hints:

  • It is possible to do the under-glaze image decorating method with Versa 5 Glazes. Just use the white as your Majolica base coat and Versa 5 colored glazes as your coloring medium.
  • Keep in mind that Stoneware cone 5 glazes shrink and so the image will need to be resized before decal application.

More Info and Where to Buy Hints:




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2 Responses to “Fired-On Images Lesson Plan”

  1. does this work with an epson ink printer?

  2. Terrie says:

    Just to clarify. This process works using either HP or Canon black-only LASER printers or copiers. Not Epson or ink jets

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