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Gallery: Abbey Rothenbuehler

To visit this artist's website Click here
Work by Abbey Rothenbuehler
Abbey Rothenbuehler - Double Flower Bowl
Handmade, ceramic bowl made with B-Mix WC-379, a cone 10 pugged (potters) clay thrown on a Pacifica Potter's Wheel, reduced in a gas kiln. “Double Flower Bowl” (9” w x 3” h) by Abbey Rothenbuehler
Abbey Rothenbuehler - Paintbrush Honey Jar
Handmade ceramic honey jar crafted using a cone 10 prepared clay B-Mix WC-379; wheel thrown on a Pacifica potters wheel, reduction fired in a gas kiln. “Paintbrush Honey Jar” (4” w x 7” h) by Abbey Rothenbuehler

Abbey Rothenbuehler - Triple Flower Platter
Hand crafted ceramic platter made with WC-379 cone 10 B-Mix potter's clay; gas fired in a reduction atmosphere. “Triple Flower Platter” (15” w x 2” h) by Abbey Rothenbuehler
Abbey Rothenbuehler - Oval Leaf Casserole
Handmade ceramic casserole made with cone 10 smooth textured clay, B-mix WC-379; thrown on a Pacifica Pottery Wheel and gas kiln fired in reduction. “Oval Leaf Casserole” (8” w x 5” h) by Abbey Rothenbuehler
Abbey Rothenbuehler - Butter Dish
Handmade butter dish made with cone 10 B-mix WC-379 pugged clay, thrown using a Pacifica Potters Wheel; fired to Cone 10 in gas reduction atmosphere. “Butter Dish” (7.5” w x 4” h) by Abbey Rothenbuehler

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