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Gallery: Amanda Blair Dexheimer

To visit this artist's website Click here
Work by Amanda Blair Dexheimer
Amanda Blair Dexheimer - Bisque Photo
Laguna WC-607 clay fired at Cone 7; Handbuilt cups.
Amanda Blair Dexheimer - Smokey Robinson cups
Laguna MS-35 Sage Glaze and Laguna WC-607 clay; fired at Cone 5.

Amanda Blair Dexheimer - 2010 Colors
Laguna WC-607 clay and Laguna MS-35, MS-38 and MSD-60 glazes; fired at Cone 5.
Amanda Blair Dexheimer - Natural Selection Glazes
Laguna WC-607 clay, MSD-60 and WC-511 glazes; fired at Cone 5.

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