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Gallery: Ann Fuerst Ph.D.

Work by Ann Fuerst Ph.D.
Ann Fuerst Ph.D. - Bogolan Puppet
The Bogolan puppet's body is made with Laguna Dry-Hard Clay Buff Special (S-2628). He is sixteen inches tall and his outfit is fashioned with Laguna Alberta Clay and some manganese oxide from the Laguna raw materials section; a special liquid made from leaves is used to "set" color in fabric.
Ann Fuerst - Bogolan Puppet (detail)

Ann Fuerst Ph.D. - Bogolan Puppet (detail)
Ann Fuerst Ph.D. - Embellishments
Press molds used in the Timbuktu lesson plan. Created with No. 1 Pottery Plaster.
Ann Fuerst Ph.D. - Tut Mold
Press molds used with Tut sixth grade lesson plan. Created with No. 1 Pottery Plaster.

About Dr. Fuerst: Ann Fuerst, Ph.D., is a lifetime educator and world traveler. During a trip to pick up supplies at Laguna, she shared some of her recent work, including slipcastings, pressmoldings and surface embellishments. These are part of lesson plans, which reference her global travels.

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