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Gallery: Brandon Lutterman

Work by Brandon Lutterman
Brandon Lutterman - Topographic
Laguna WC-843 Soldate 60 Clay fired multiple times in a Skutt Kiln at Cone 6 and Cone 06.
Brandon Lutterman - Pygmy Grouper & Sea Turtle
Laguna raw materials for clay and glazes. Fired several times in a soda/salt kiln to Cone 5, and then fired in oxidation in a gas kiln at Cone 06.

Brandon Lutterman - Serenity
Laguna raw materials used in clay mix. Fired multiple times at Cone 6 and Cone 06.
Brandon Lutterman - Tree Cut
Laguna WC-843 Soldate 60 Clay. Fired at Cone 6 and Cone 06.
Brandon Lutterman - False Reality
Laguna WC-379 Cone 10 B-mix Clay with glazes made from Laguna raw materials and colorants. Multiple firings at Cone 6 and Cone 06.

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