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Gallery: Gareth Mason

To visit this artist's website Click here
Work by Gareth Mason
Gareth Mason - working
Gareth Mason glazes one of his monumental pots. Gareth gave Laguna’s WC-381 Big White rave reviews but uses a variety of clays including Laguna’s WC-376 Long Beach Blend Clay, Laguna’s WC-809 Soldate 30 Clay, Laguna’s WC-371 Big Pot Clay and Laguna’s WC-631 #550 Porcelain in his pieces.
Gareth Mason - Celedon
Monumental vessel made with a variety of different Laguna Cone 10 Clay bodies: WC-376 Long Beach Blend, WC-809 Soldate 30, WC-381 Big White Clay and WC-371 Big Pot Clay.

Gareth Mason - Celedon detail
Gareth creates "glaze flows" to bring the fluidity of the material during firing to the viewer.
Gareth Mason - Celedon
Monumental vessel made from some of Laguna's high fire Western clay bodies including Laguna’s WC-631 #550 Porcelain.
Gareth Mason - detail
Detail image of some metallic luster work with LC201 Laguna Metallic Gold.

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