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Gallery: Hobbs New Mexico Mural

Work by Beverly Ellis and Stephani Holland
Hobbs New Mexico Mural - Installation in Progress
Hobbs New Mexico Mural - Full Mural

Hobbs New Mexico Mural - Left Section Detail
Hobbs New Mexico Mural - Center Section Detail
Hobbs New Mexico Mural - Right Section Detail

Beverly Ellis and Stephani Holland were taking ceramics at New Mexico Junior College twice a week as a hobby, but neither had ever made a tile. They decided to create a mural for the town they loved. They designed, made mistakes, and started over when necessary. Using Laguna clay, Coyote Clay high fire underglazes, a clear glaze recipe from Santa Fe Clay, and a book on tile making by Angelica Pozo, the project took about four years. In July of 2009, a Hobbs citizen donated the funds through Main Street Hobbs to have Riley Tile of Roswell install the project.

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