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Gallery: Monique Marino

Work by Monique Marino
Monique Marino - Duane Dancing To A Different Beat
“Duane Dancing To A Different Beat”
(10” H x 11” W x 11” D)
Jiving with his own sense of style this funky looking boy truly dances to a different beat. Duane is a hand-built sculpture which can also be used as a votive or a lantern. He is constructed out of three separate pieces: hat, face & base. When utilized as a votive or lantern candle light shines through each of the tiny cut-outs on his face and hat. He is hand made out of stoneware clay, with wire eye-lashes and a satin ribbon at the base of his neck.
Monique Marino - Girls Night Out
All dressed up and ready for a hot night out on the town! However, as girls will be girls, there is jealousy and competition amongst this little group. Designed to be hung on the wall. Hand-built from stoneware clay with a hand-painted finish.

Monique Marino - Sister Locks
“Sister Locks”
(13” H x 10.5” W x 10.5” D)
Cool and groovy best describe this disco dancing gal! With her funky 'do and her Mona Lisa like smirk, one can only imagine what wild adventures Sister Locks is dreaming up next. Hand-built sculpture made with earthenware clay, under-glazes and found objects.

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