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Nick Petronzio
Nick Petronzio - Sculpted Figure Head 3
“Sculpted Figure Head 3”
Sculpted Figure Head using WED clay for the Disney Pirates & Princesses Parade Float. See the artist's comments about working with this material below.
Nick Petronzio - Sculpted Figure Head

Nick Petronzio - Sculpted Figure Head 4
Nick Petronzio - Sculpted Figure Head 5
Nick Petronzio - Sculpted Figure Head 6
"Laguna WED clay is my material of choice for sculpting figurative work. The advantage of water clay is that its consistency can be adjusted to fit the circumstances in which it is being used. As the sculpture is initially modeled, the artist can build up the anatomy of the figure rapidly with the soft wet clay. As the work progresses one can keep spraying the clay with a water mist bottle to keep the piece moist and workable. I personally prefer this type of clay for portrait busts & life like figure work. The WED clay surface allows the artists' hands to glide easily over the form, feeling the composition and maintaining a smooth slick feel. Between modeling sessions, the work can be covered with a damp rag and a plastic bag depending on the level of moisture one desires to work with. As the work progresses the clay can be allowed to gradually harden with less and less moisture applied so that detail can be modeled into the sculpture. A wet or dry paintbrush, textile fabrics and sponges become valuable tools when working with Laguna WED clay as they can be used to blend or emboss detail and attain an interesting variety of textural surfaces." - Nick Petronzio, Sculptor

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