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Gallery: Old Town Artisan Studio

To visit this artist's website Click here
Old Town Artisan Studio
Old Town Artisan Studio - Instructor Kay Henkel with Sculpture Student
Old Town Artisan Studio provides the facilities for people of all ages to reveal their artistic expressions through the medium of clay. Laguna Clay products are used throughout the studio and the studio can take orders for Laguna products, too.
Old Town Artisan Studio - Kids Working with Clay
Old Town Artisan Studio offers studio time and fee-exempt instruction from instructors for charities serving the interest of youth, special needs and seniors in the desert valley.

Old Town Artisan Studio - Throwing Class
Instructor Sergio Naduville works along side some teens preparing to throw on electric potter’s wheels.
Old Town Artisan Studio - Kids Working with Clay
Working on a sculptured head using clay from Laguna. Products from Laguna can also be ordered through the Old Town Artisan Studio.
Old Town Artisan Studio - Decorating Vases
Old Town Artisan Studio instructor Sergio Naduville decorates some vases while in the studio.

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