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Gallery: Scott Semple

Work by Scott Semple
Scott Semple - Bamboo Columns
Laguna WC-371 Big Pot Clay, sections wheel thrown and altered, once fired to cone 5 with oxide wash, stain. 9 ft. each.
Scott Semple - Water Feature
Laguna WC-371 Big Pot Clay wheel thrown, once fired to cone 5, repeated stamp detail, dark iron wash, stain.

Scott Semple - McMarrow Vase
Laguna WC-809 Soldate-30 Clay wheel thrown, with iron oxide wash and MS-55 Antique Blue Glaze sprayed on lip, handles and shoulder. 5ft. 6in. Fired to cone 5.
Scott Semple - Tea Leaf Drum
Laguna WC-381 Big White Clay wheel thrown. Once fired to cone 5 with oxide wash. Henna dyed goat skin, tea leaf, and coconut rind additions.
Scott Semple - Interior Vase
Laguna WC-371 Big Pot Clay wheel thrown, once fired to cone 5. Surface is acrylic resonance paints, in collaboration with painter Howard Lamar.

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