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Gallery: ShaJa Ceramics

To visit this artist's website Click here
Work by ShaJa Ceramics
ShaJa Ceramics - Flame Bowl
Wheel thrown and altered and glazed in Cone 10 oxidation using raw materials and Laguna WC-385 S Porcelain Clay.
ShaJa Ceramics - Wave Bowl
Laguna's WC-385 S Porcelain wheel thrown and altered and fired to Cone 10 in oxidation.

ShaJa Ceramics - Cliffs Edge
Created using Laguna S Porcelain. 20" tall. Wheel thrown and altered, fired to Cone 10 in oxidation with post-fire enameling.
ShaJa Ceramics - Snowflake Platter
Wheel thrown using WC385 Laguna S Porcelain. Oxidation fired to Cone 10.
ShaJa Ceramics - Genie Bottle
Wheel thrown in sections using Laguna S Porcelain WC-385, oxidation fired to Cone 10. 20" tall.

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