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Gallery: Tracey Truly

To visit this artist's website Click here
Work by Tracey Truly
Tracey Truly - Castle on a Hill
Laguna Ovencraft Clay. Polymer clay for fine details like the trees and castle. Plus miscellaneous extras like paint, toothpicks and fabric to finish off the piece. Fired in home oven.
Tracey Truly - Mydgreel the Jack-o-lantern
Laguna Ovencraft Clay and paint. Fired in home oven.

Tracey Truly - Assortment of jack-o-lanterns
Laguna Ovencraft Clay. One exception, the wings are made of polymer clay on one of the jack-o-lanterns. Paint and ribbon. Fired in home oven.
Tracey Truly - Flynn the Dragonfly Fairy
Laguna Ovencraft Clay for the body. Paint plus a tiny bit of polymer clay for the face and plastic for the wings. Fired in home oven.
Tracey Truly - Apollo Luna the Winged Cat
Laguna Ovencraft Clay for cat body and wings. Paint plus a twig branch and old jar lids for the medallion the laguna clay cat is glued to. Fired in home oven.

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