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What is the Bulletin Board and how do I use it?

Announce your organization's events, conferences, and shows here.

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What is the Bulletin Board and how do I use it?

Postby Mike » Tue May 03, 2011 4:23 am

The Bulletin Board is a free service offered by Laguna Clay Co. to the international ceramic community.

I) What is the Bulletin Board?

It is a great place for individuals to announce their organization's events, conferences,
and shows here. (Events sponsored by Laguna Clay Co. are not listed on
The Bulletin Board, but rather in the "[url=]Home
Page[/url]"of this website.)

If you are interested in finding out more about a Bulletin Board item, do
not contact Laguna Clay
; contact the individual associated with the listing.

II) How do I use the Bulletin Board to announce an event?

    To post a Bulletin Board item, register a profile if you have not already done so and create a new topic. Unless otherwise noted, the information is required for your item to be posted:

    Your name:
    Phone No.
    Fax No. (optional)
    E-mail address:
    Event Title:
    Event description (please include, date, time, and location)

    If you wish to change or remove an existing listing that you previously posted, please log in and edit your original post or delete it as needed.
Note: If you would like to add a listing to the forum but are having difficulties getting registered and posting it, you can mail the information listed above to and we will add your listing for you.

Only submissions of ceramic related events will be approved and posted. Laguna
Clay Co. will not accept responsibility for errors in postings and Laguna reserves
the right to edit and/or refuse any submission.

Thanks for visiting the Bulletin Board!
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