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- The quote will be returned for your review within 48 hours (not including week end days or scheduled holidays) and includes a Work Order Number (WO) at the upper right. If there is a longer lead time, please contact for assistance. You may refine your quote further by resending corrections and additions via e mail and including your WO number and the purchasers name.

We support our distributors. Your quote will include contact information for your local distributor. We are happy to help you find the Laguna product numbers you need and offer technical support. Often you will find, due to shipping costs, it is more affordable to purchase from your local distributor-we encourage the "buy local" philosophy. The numbers we provide will help your local supplier know exactly what you wish to order.

Review, refine and return your corrected quote via e mail. Contact us by phone (call 1-800-843-7057 ext 233) and provide purchase confirmation and payment information. (Have your name and the WO number from the upper right corner of the PDF quote document you receive from us ready to facilitate a quick conversation when offering your payment information.)

For your own protection relay your credit card information when you call us...Do not send it via e mail.

When you call to ARRANGE PAYMENT, you can request shipping costs, arrange shipment or pick up, make further refinements, request technical assistance, or allow us to help you find your local Laguna Distributor.
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  Shipping costs are dependent on the items in your order and are not included with the first quote response. Shipping options can be requested via e mail, when you confirm the quote is complete and correct, or requested at the time you call to make payment. ALL SHIPPING QUOTES ARE APPROXIMATE. If you need a specific amount for a PO, please let our staff know.

  Use the included information sheet for correct amounts and terms for the various products we offer. These details will help our staff clearly understand your selections. For items you cannot find just list the term you know and our tech staff and order desk will help you get what you need.

Please list the items you choose arranging the information as below.
  Product Number...Product Name...Total Packages...Package Size...Total Weight...
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You may also include requests for assistance in your quote, see some examples below...
Request Technical help
Need help locating product info
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If you do not get your quote within 48 hours e mail or call 800-843-7057 ext 233

This is not a shopping cart. If you have not provided a confirmation that your order is correct AND contacted us with your payment info, your order will not be available when you arrive.

Product sizing information
Providing accurate package size will help us get your quote completed quickly. Thank you for taking the time to use this information. It helps us serve you much more quickly and creates value for you!

Bulk pricing: Raw materials, wet pugged clay, dry clay, prepared glaze products (including engobes, stains and underglazes) and dry glaze product prices decrease as the amount of product per purchase increases. If you are purchasing within a school district or nationwide company which might benefit by this, please let your superiors know or provide us with the appropriate contact.

Wet Clay: Comes in 50# boxes (contain two 25 # bags) All wet pugged clays are combinable for price breaks which are at 100#, 500#, 1000# etc.
(for larger quantities contact the Order Department)

Dry Clay: Comes in 50 pound bags or bulk sacks. Specify "D" after the clay number (eg: WC401D) or write dry after the clay name.

Prepared Glaze: Available in pints and gallons. Discounts available for purchases of a dozen pints, or four gallons.

Dry Glaze: Available in 1, 5, 10, 50 pound bags. Amounts smaller than 50 pounds include a re-packing charge.

Plaster: All plaster is available in 100 pound bags. (Hydrostone, hydrocal and #1 Pottery plaster are also available in 50 pound bags.)

Raw Materials: List the item name and the amount in pounds. To see current raw materials available, go to the SDS/MSDS page on our website.

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Thank you for choosing Laguna Clay Company!

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