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Wieland Hydraulic Press NL3855
Wieland 5 Ton Hydraulic Press:
  • Two hand operation for maximum safety
  • Air and hydraulic pressure gauges
  • Cam operated bottom air purge
  • Cam operated slow down
  • Air filter regulator
  • Four press stops
  • Safety screens on three sides
  • $5000
  • Click images for larger more detailed views.
  • Call for more info

Wieland Hydraulic Press NL3855

Die Rings:
  • For pressing
  • Many different sizes
  • New and used
  • All high quality
  • Low prices
Don't buy anywhere else before contacting Rosemarie Copado or by phone at (800) 4-LAGUNA ext. 209.

Contact Rosemarie Copado for more information:
or call (800) 4-LAGUNA ext. 209.
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