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مخروط 5 زجاج. يتم تحضير طلاء الرمال المغربية في صورة سائلة لتطبيق الفرشاة وفي شكل جاف للرش والغمس. تقدم Laguna مجموعة واسعة من التشطيبات اللامعة والمرقطة وغير اللامعة بألوان الخزف الحجري الدافئ. يمكن حرقها في الأكسدة (أفران الغاز أو الكهرباء) أو الاختزال (أفران الغاز فقط). هذه الزجاجات الرملية المغربية خالية من الرصاص وآمنة للاستخدام في حاويات الأطعمة والمشروبات عند إطلاقها بشكل صحيح. استمتع بسعرنا المبسط المريح.

روابط لأوراق SDS الخاصة بنا متوفرة هنا.

توافر المخزون في باينت السائل. هل لديك طلب مخصص؟ املأ نموذج الطلب هنا.


This unique texture and pattern producing glaze where inspired by National Parks in North America. Dry Lake Glaze works with most clay bodies and has been formulated to adhere securely without flaking away. The glaze can be applied to green-ware or bisque ware. For best results brush on generously. Best suited for sculptural work. Laguna recommends testing glazes on test tile with your clay body before use in art or production.

Images of colors may differ from actual colors due to firing and application.


Firing Schedule:

Segment 1: Ramp 250*F per hour to 1250*F

Segment 2: Ramp 350*F per hour to 2140*F

Segment 3: Ramp 25*F per hour to 2165*F

Segment 4: 9999  cool down, then 1950 F for 3 hours.


(Varying conditions will alter results so testing and adjustments are necessary)

These crystalline glazes are developed to bloom effortlessly on a simple firing schedule. To achieve the results below they where fired in a 2.5 cu. ft. electric kiln. 


You want crackle? These glazes fracture light and show off color like you won't believe. These glazes are lead free and non toxic, but due to the fractured glaze surface, they are not offered as dinnerware safe.

LM 1 metallic bronze.png

Metallic Bronze


LM 2 gun metal.png

Gun Metal


LM 3 black pearl.png

Black Pearl


MS 203 Blackout.png




MS 200 Dune White.png

Dune White



 LUSTERS  ^018 
Gold Luster LC 201.png

Gold Coast



palladium LC 202.png








Laguna lusters are an over glaze product for adding fired on precious metal decoration to already glazed pieces or glass.


The 6% concentration of metal provides excellent coverage and brilliant results.

Application: We recommend using a dedicated brush for metallic luster. Apply with a very clean brush over a smooth glaze fired to maturity. Brush the lusters in even coats for best reults. For high shine apply over high gloss glaze, for a matte look apply over a matte glaze. Mineral spirits are recommended for brush clean up.


Firing range: Cone 018.  *Test for optimal results.

Learn all about our Lusters HERE 

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