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Need help with your Electric Kilns? Ask Arnold.

Arnold Howard worked at the Paragon kiln factory for most of his career and left to become an independent kiln technician in 2019. He repairs all brands of electric kilns on site between San Antonio and Dallas, Texas. He delivers and sets up kilns and does remote diagnosis by Zoom or FaceTime anywhere in the country.



     Unquestionable quality, remarkable value, and timely delivery. Laguna kilns represent rugged construction and outstanding craftsmanship. Options include front-loading or shuttle, updraft or downdraft, brick or fiber.

(Image shown with option Kiln hood)

Laguna Gas Kiln Standard Features:

  • Structural steel frame

  • 16 gauge steel skin (painted)

  • Heavy-duty, adjustable-hinge door (specify left or right mounted)

  • Gasketed, heat-lock door

  • K-26 firebrick floor

  • K-23 firebrick walls, arch and door (brick models only; K-26 optional)

  • 6", pre-compressed, high-purity, fiber panels (fiber models only)

  • High efficiency natural draft, ceramic-tip, venturi burners (specify natural gas or propane)

  • Heavy-duty burner manifold system

  • Direct-spark, electronic ignition system

  • Digital high-limit/safety shut-off controller

  • Manual burner control valves

  • Water column pressure gauge

  • Cordierite sight tube(s) with peephole plug(s)


Optional Features:

  • K-26 firebrick walls, arch and door - Recommended for Cone 10 firing

  • Programmable controller - 8 programs, 16 segments each (combinable)

  • Kiln shelving kits - Cordierite or silicon carbide

  • Wind apron (detachable)

  • Kiln hood - galvanized or stainless


Models Available:

LE-200-9.    | 8.4 cubic feet.   | $12,066.00

LE-200-12.  | 12.7 cubic feet. | $14,917.00

LE-200-18.  | 15.6 cubic feet.   | $18,078.00

Note: Please allow 18-22 weeks for delivery.

Laguna Model LE-200-9 Kiln

Starting price not including Tax, Shipping and Crating Fee

Inside Volume: 10.4   Inside Dimension: 32 x 30 x 23    Setting Area Cubic Ft:9    Setting Area: 26 x 26 x 23   

Updraft External Dimensions: 44 x 3.5 x 69.75     Downdraft External Dimensions: 44 x 51 x 69.75


Starting price not including Tax & Shipping


LE-200-24 Kiln

Note: Add $385 Crating Fee per kiln shipped.Please allow 18-22 weeks for delivery.


Inside Volume: 34.2   Inside Dimension: 36 x 35 x 47    Setting Area Cubic Ft: 24.4    Setting Area: 30 x 30 x 47   

Updraft External Dimensions: 54 x 53 x 78.75     Downdraft External Dimensions: 54 x 67.5 x 78.75 


Note: Please allow 18-22 weeks for delivery.

LE-200-40 Kiln



Starting price not including Tax, Shipping and Crating Fee

Inside Volume: 54.1   Inside Dimension: 42 x 41 x 54    Setting Area Cubic Ft: 40    Setting Area: 36 x 36 x 54   

Updraft External Dimensions: 60 x 58 x 87.5     Downdraft External Dimensions: 60 x 70 x 87.5  

Laguna Raku Kilns are safe, durable and easy to use. All kiln models can fire to cone 5 or be used for bisque firing or as a sculpture burn-out oven. Available in natural gas or propane (same price). All kiln controls are manual.

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Rocky Raku kiln LE-201

Laguna Raku Kiln Features:

  • Easy-Lift. counter-balanced firing chamber

  • Heavy-gauge steel construction

  • One piece castable refractory floor

  • Firing chamber lined with high-density fiber

  • Water column gauge for accurate firing

  • 100% dual safety shut-off valve

  • 70,000 BTU per burner—210,000 total

  • Comprehensive owners manual and firing guide

Heat protective, fireproof clothing is recommended for raku firing.

Please allow 8-12 weeks for delivery.

Recommended Furniture Items: Includes 4(Four) 10.5" x 22" x 1 (1/2 decagon shelves), 18(Eighteen) 2" Kiln posts and 6(Six) 4" and 6(Six) 8" posts.

Models Available:

LE-201-RST | $2,300.00

LE-201-RIN | $2,675.00

LE-201-RSU | $2,995.00


Starting price not including Tax, Shipping and Crating Fee

Laguna Heat Raku kiln

The Heat Wave Raku Kiln is lightweight, inexpensive, and effective!

From 80° to 1,850°F in 15 minutes!





Laguna Heatwave Raku Kiln Features:

  • Firing Chamber is 18" H x 24" W

  • Made from Superwool 607 MAX Ceramic Fiber Blanket*.

  • Kiln comes complete with 2 handles for easy lifting.

  • We did not scrimp on size... Chamber of kiln is 24" in diameter and 18" in height (total of 4.7 cubic ft)! Using the firebox design described below, the top of your first shelf can be level with the base of the kiln.


Starting price not including Tax & Shipping

         Diameter(inches)                                  Height (inches)                       Cu.  Ft.                  Cone/ Max Temp                             Ship Wt. Lbs. 

       Outer: 28 Inner: 21                              Outer:21 Inner: 18                      4.7                               Raku                                              60