Red -  Very Soft 

  Yellow - Soft

  Green - Medium

  Blue - Firm

  • Shape_0_Polymer_Rib_Spray_page_3.jpg



    Rib (Shape 0)

    Shape 0 is the smallest rib and can get into tight places for detail work.

  • Shape_1_Polymer_Rib_Spray_page_3.jpg

    Item#: TM658


    Rib (Shape 1)

    Shape 1 is the universal perfect size for detail and larger work.

  • Polymer_shape_5_Spray_Master.jpg

    Item#: TM662


    Rib (Shape 5)

    Shape 5 is perfect for larger surface areas such as smoothing slabs.

  • Shape_3_Polymer_Rib_Spray.jpg

    Item#: TM660


    Rib (Shape 3)

    Shape 3 is tapered to help throw large objects.  

  • Polymer_Rib_Shape_4_spray_new_site.jpg

    Item#: TM661


    Rib (Shape 4)

    Shape 4 is the rib that you can throw with and slab build. 

  • Shape_2_Polymer_Rib_Spray.jpg

    Item#: TM659


    Rib (Shape 2)

    Perfect for throwing, smoothing and compressing.

  • Small_Bowl_spray.jpg

    Item#: TM669


    Bowl Rib (Small)

    This small bowl rib is the perfect tool for making bowls and shallow plates.

  • white_sponge_new_site_master_no_measure.

    Item#: TM668FS


    Finishing Sponge

    This sponge is made for fine detail work

  • small_shredder_spray_master.jpg

    Item#: TM664


    Shredder (Sm)

    Made for carving leather hard clay in tight spaces or small pieces.

  • Small_Shredder_replacement_blades_fcce4c

    Item#: TM664R


    Replacement Blade (Sm)

    Replacement blades for your shredder small.

  • Mudwire_Green_-_master_new_site.jpg

    Item#: TM651


    Mudwire (Standard)

    Cut through clay with this stainless steel wire cutter. 

  • Mudshark_Spray_new_site_Master_2.jpg

    Item#: TM652



    A combination of needle tool and fettling knife in one. 

  • Bow_Mudcutter_-_master_new_site.jpg

    Item#: TM663



    Cut clay one handed. Great for any application and polymer clays.

  • Shredder_Conical_spray_-_master_new_site

    Item#: TM664RC


    Conical Shredder

    Great for texturing and working on round surfaces.


    Item#: TM664RF


    Flat Shredder

    The fastest way to carve down large forms.



Prop 65

Some of our products can expose you to chemicals including crystalline silica, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and Lithium Carbonate, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information, visit:


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