Welcome to our redesigned NS1 Miller Slip, now called Miller NT1. Laguna Clay is transitioning away from talc and have found this new “talcless” Miller NT1 slip to work really well in our lab as a substitute for NS1.   Please test our Miller NT1 slip to ensure it fits your production needs. Should you have any question feel free to reach out to Laguna Clay Company Ohio (740) 439-4355 and ask for our lab technician.


Glazes that work well with  Miller are: EM 2134, EM 1021, EM 1014.

If using our Silky Underglazes use EM 2134 as a clear.


Ships from OH

To order this clay body in dry (50 lb minimum), please call.


Cone: 04
Firing Color: Oxidation: White - Reduction: NA
Avg. Shrinkage 2±%: NA
Avg. Water Absorption 1±%: 16.5%

Miller NT1