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Donation request form

Laguna Clay Company is excited about ceramics benefiting communities. For a donation request supporting your event, please complete each section below.

Please read our rules and policies thoroughly before applying:

This form needs to be FULLY completed for any consideration. Laguna Clay Company reserves the right to modify this contract at any time. We have many applicants and each one is reviewed in the order it is received. This process can take up to 2 months before you are notified of any actions. This assistance program is not applicable to Laguna distributor's. 

*We do not allow automatic recurring donations.

*Laguna Clay Company does not donate monetarily.

*Applicant is liable to pay shipping cost and packaging fees associated.

*Applicant must provide image of valid State or Federal issued ID ( ID must contain first/last name, D.O.B and address. ID must not be expired.)

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Note: Laguna Clay Company is committed to the promotion of ceramics. We are frequently asked for donations and unfortunately, we are unable to honor all requests. Laguna Clay reserves the right to deny or cancel any request or approved donation without notification. We thank you for your interest in Laguna Clay products.

Agreements: By accepting Laguna Clay Company's donation, you agree to the following:

*I/ We agree to prominently display Laguna Clay Company's name, logo(s) and website:, on all promotional advertisements, including publications, flyers and social media. 

*I/We grant permission to Laguna Clay Company to use all submitted documentation of the event for any/all promotions, verifications, and legal purposes.

*I acknowledge that my application will not be considered if I didn't upload a valid federal or state id that includes my first/last name, D.O.B and address. ID must not be expired.

*I acknowledge that my application can take up to two months to be reviewed and be notified of any further actions.

Successfully submitted! Due to high volume of applicants, reply time is expected in 2 months.

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