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The minimum purchase for Raw Materials is 5lbs.

Laguna Raw Materials Catalog

Laguna offers a wide range of dry and liquid raw materials. Each is carefully selected and tested to meet our high expectations. If you're mixing glazes or formulating clay, we have the quality materials the Ceramic Industry trusts.

cones large_v1.png
Large Self Supporting Cones

Item #: FS104SS

$12.80 (Box of 25)
Large Cones for Plaque

Item #: FS104A

$17.40 (Box of 50)
orton cone small.png
Small Cones

Item #: FS104B

$12.80 (Box of 50)
small bar cones.png
Small Bar Cones

Item #: FS129

$15.00 (Box of 50)

*We offer all cone temperatures from Cone 04-11. Please specify which cone temperature you would like when placing a quote.

These are our top seller and a must for any kiln. Because of their unique shape, each cone is perfectly angled and self supporting. This results in a more accurate firing.


Schools prefer these large cones with no support as they are more economical and they can teach students how cone firing works. Plaques are sold separate.


Small cones are perfect for smaller kilns. Some artist use these in sculptural works.

Bar cones are needed for kilns sitters. Some artist use these in sculptural works.

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