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Welcome to Laguna Company

  Hello and welcome everyone!  

 We want to take you back in time to  the  groovy 1970’s.  In 1976 on the sunny coast of California,   Laguna Clay was born. Our founder opened shop right on  the beach. He stared selling pots, sculptures and  eventually our signature clays all from the back of his van. With 3 locations now, we ship  nationwide and  have distributors around the world. 

Hang 10 with our collection of clays. 

Surfs Up! Cruise through our Silky Underglazes. Available in 36 vibrant colors

Made in our sunny side Florida facility, checkout our Colored Porcelains 

Not feeling the water? Come and check out our Dry Lakes 

 It's always tiki time at Laguna Beach! 

Life's a beach, enjoy it with our Flameware clay

 "Peace, love, food, and drinks" 

I'd like to make it with you ...

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