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Moving to special order

To help improve production on our more popular glazes we are discontinuing many glazes in 2023. Check out the list for details.


1. Fill out the form below. Press the "Place my Quote Request"  button.

2. A member from our Order Department will then contact you to      confirm your quote.

3. Payment information is collected and your order is processed.

4. Your order is then shipped and on it's way to you!

       Please note our ordering/quote policies:        

*All orders are processed Monday through Friday, 8am-4:30pm.

*Orders must be placed 48 hours in advance.

*Same Day Pickup is not available for Will-Call.

*Visit our retail location If same day pickup is needed.(If ordering dry materials less than 50lbs, please place a Will Call Order 2 business days in advance to avoid long wait times. If walking into the store and ordering dry materials, wait times may exceed 30 minutes.)

*Pricing questions? View

*The minimum purchase for all Raw Materials is 5lbs. 

Thank you for submitting. An order representative will contacting you.

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