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Glaze Combos

Experience the unique results by layering our exceptional glazes. Below is a few fan favorites you need to try.  These are shallow bowls and glaze is applied with our favorite fan brush (#5 A143268). For these effects we recommend not glazing near the bottom of the piece, as the more layers you add the dripper it can be. Share your work and get featured on our social media by trying your own combinations and tagging us at #LagunaGlaze.

3x   Sea Grass   MS   229  on the rim over

2x Forest Green MS 4

In the center  of the bowl  apply
3x   White Gloss  over
2x Turkish Amber

On the rim of the bowl apply
2x   White Gloss  
2x Mottled Spice
2x High Gloss Black

3x   Dynasty Red   (Stripes)
3x   Mandrin Orange   (Stripes)
Over 3x Turkish Amber

3x  Crystal Tea
On Red B-Mix

Castile Blue(MS 47) overlapping

Forest Green(MS 4)

Brilliant Sunburn(WC 101) overlapping Oasis Blue(MS 49)

Castile Blue(MS 47) overlapping Turkish Amber(MS 37)

3x   Robins Egg Over
3X Turkish Amber

5x   Catalina Crackle
on Weststone 2 clay body

3x  Castille Blue over
3x  Royal Blue 

Emerald Isle(WC 134) over​

dots of Silky Underglazes:

Sunshine (SIL 1), Baby Blues (SIL 24) and Sapphire (SIL 45).

Oasis Blue(MS 49) overlapping

Peacock(MS 95)

Robin's Egg(MS 18) overlapping

Peacock(MS 95)

Castile Blue(MS 47) overlapping

Robin's Egg(MS 18)

* on Raku CB CN110 Casting body

Forest Green(MS 4)  on bottom

Turkish Amber(MS 37) on top left and Castile Blue(MS 47) on upper right.

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