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Gold Coast

LC 201 5G


5 grams


LC 202 5G


5 grams



LC 205 4G


4 grams

NOTE* Image colors may vary from in-person results. Test before final production. Formulation contains precious metals, pricing is subject to change without notice.

What is a Luster?

-Lusters are over-glazes. This means they are applied to a surface that has been glaze fired. Lusters take on the texture of the underlying surface that they are applied to (matte, satin, or glossy). Lusters are made with complex combinations of metallic salts, resins and oils. These formulations are designed to effortlessly create amazing metallic and iridescent effects. 


-Use soft bristle round or flat brushes.

-Use disposable paper towels


Wear appropriate PPE and work in a ventilated area. Your ware and work area should be clean, dry and dust free. If you choose to use rubbing alcohol to clean your ware before application, allow extra drying time as alcohol contains water. Make sure to remove the packaging crinkle that comes with your luster (gold, silver or iridescent tensile). To paint, use a small brush that will fit easily inside the diameter of the luster bottle. Dip the point of the soft bristle brush into the luster. The brush bristles should have a “wet” appearance. Lightly swipe any excess luster on the bottle rim. A light and even coat provides beautiful results for Gold Coast and Palladium. However, Opaline favors uneven application for intense color vibrancy. Do not thin luster solution as it can cause streaking and diminish metallic or iridescent effects. We recommend that you experiment with your studio setup before any large scale work is done. Make sure to completely dry your work in a clean area, free from dust, dirt, and moisture.

Handling and safety

-Lusters are safe to handle when used with the correct personal protective equipment (PPE). Download the Luster SDS sheets for all the recommended specifics for working with this product. Lusters are flammable and must be keep away from any heated elements or open flames. Always work in a well ventilated area and wear a NIOSH approved respirator. Avoid contact with skin by wearing fitted vinyl gloves. If you happen to get any luster on your clothes or skin, wash with soap and warm water immediately. During firing, avoid breathing fumes and/or kiln exhaust. 

Clean up and storage

-Mineral spirits, paint thinner and acetone are effective cleaning agents. Make sure to wipe the threads on the glass container before capping tightly. Put the glass luster bottle inside the clear plastic container to contain any lingering fumes. To prolong your Laguna Lusters, store in a cool/dry place. Hot and humid environments can cause this product to thicken. If this happens simply use a drop of toluene (toluol) to thin.


-Fire the fully dried lusters ware to cone ^018. This should be a fast fire with the peep-holes open. Good firing ventilation is essential for this product. If the kiln does not have a kiln sitter or a programmer, place a cone pack in front of a peep-hole to verify firing temperature. 

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