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New Cone 10 Glazes

Our all new Cone 10 Glazes are here! From celadons, iron reds to stoney looks we have it here. Each glaze is proudly displayed on our top 5 most loved clays! These glazes were dipped and fired in our gas kiln to cone 10 at reduction.

*Stock availability in dry only.

Clays shown from Left to Right: Dark Brown WC 373, B-Mix WC 379, HBCA WC 427, Babu Porcelain WC 428, Soldate 60 WC 843

Mint Ice Celadon LG-10

Starry Night LG 26

Carbon Black LG 24

Stardust LG-2

Ocean Ash LG-17

Purple Surprise V-36

Amber Ale LG-12

Honeycomb Ash LG-19

Stone Ground Mustard LG-11

Iron Red WC-556

Turquoise Matte WC-554

Brilliant Black SG-82

Sun Valley V-30

Oribe LG-13

Cobalt Sky Ash LG-18

Carbon Trap Shino LG-9

Reitz Alike LG-6

Carbon Crystal Matte LG-5

Mason Blue LG 23

Flambe Blue V-21

Deep Red Tide LG-7

Desert Sand LG-4

Deep Space Shimmer LG-8

Pacific Celadon LG 22

Chestnut Luster LG 25

Crackle White LG-21

Celadon WC-550

Mystic Crystal Matte LG-3

Dinnerware White LG-16

Modern Matte LG 28

Stony WC-555

White Waxie WC-531

Lucid Clear LG-27

Tim's Butter Matte LG-15

Grey Blue Celadon LG-14

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