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Pacifica Warranty Registration


  1. Review trouble shooting section of manual.

  2. Contact your PACIFICA dealer with the equipment’s serial number, the date and location of purchase, and a detailed explanation of the problem. Without this information, warranty work cannot be considered.

  3. If the dealer is unable to solve the problem, contact Laguna Clay by phone, fax or e-mail, once again including the information requested above.

  4. Your dealers or Laguna Clay will first try to walk you through what is often an easy repair process. In the event the repair cannot be made in this manner, you will be directed to send the questionable parts to the factory.

  5. Parts should be sent prepaid with a check for a like amount of postage to cover the cost of the return shipping charge. It is recommended that you insure your package against loss or damage.

  6. If the defective part(s) is/are still under warranty, they will be repaired or replaced as deemed appropriate by the manufacturer. If they are not under warranty, please indicate your choice regarding repair or replacement. If no such choice is indicated, the determination will be made at the factory.

  7. Warranty repair work will be performed at no charge. Shipping costs, however, will be paid by Laguna Clay only if such arrangements are pre-approved by a Laguna technical representative.

                                                The final decision concerning the validity of all warranty claims shall be

                                                                          made by Pacifica Potters Wheels.

                                                          THE PACIFICA WARRANTY

During the term of this Warranty, PACIFICA will repair, or at its option, replace at no charge, components that prove to be defective, provided that the defective item is returned is returned to an authorized PACIFICA service center in accordance with the "Seven Easy Steps to Repairs" listed on the back of this card. This warranty extends to the original purchaser for a period of 5 years. 

This warranty does not cover normal "wear and tear" nor does it apply if the equipment has been damaged by accident or misuse, or if it is exposed to conditions unsuitable for its use or storage, or if damage is a result of service or modification by other than authorized PACIFICA Service Center. No other express or implied warranty is given by PACIFICA. PACIFICA shall not be liable for any consequential damages.

TO GUARANTEE YOUR FULL WARRANTY COVERAGE, complete and return this warranty registration card immediately. In lieu of a property returned Warranty Registration Card, or providing of an original receipt at their warranty work is required, the warranty period for this product will commence on the date that your PACIFICA was manufactured.

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