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Laguna throwing clay

With over 2,000 Clay Formulations,  Laguna Clay is the leader in quality clay for ANY job. Try the Original B-Mix Formula today.

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Pottery Wheels, Electric & Gas kilns, you name it and we got it! Quality made proudly by the craftsmen here in the United States. 

Holding a Book

Looking for an SDS Sheet for your favorite product or maybe a Resale Certificate? Find forms and much more here.

Sand Sifting

We supply quality Raw Materials, Frits, Stains and much more. 


Whatever your cup of tea is, we have a color, finish or effect for all your glazing needs. 


Find our amazing products at one of our many distributors. Are you already a distributor or would like to be one ? Find out more here. 


Meet our team and visit one of our facilities today

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Ask Arnold the Kiln Tech. He can Facetime or Zoom to help you every step of the way.