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   Unquestionable quality, remarkable value, and timely delivery. Laguna kilns represent rugged construction and outstanding craftsmanship. Options include front-loading or shuttle, updraft or downdraft, brick or fiber.


Laguna Gas Kiln Standard Features:

  • Structural steel frame with 2 crossbeams for added strength

  • Wind Skirt that prevents burner blow-out

  • Sure Fit adjustable door hinge allows you to always have a perfect fit and seal even as your kiln ages

  • Gasketed, heat-locked door

  • Insulation brick (2,300F) rated for cone 6. Upgrade to our K26 brick for cone 10 firings

  • 1_1/2"high-purity, fiber board back up insulation on brick kilns

  • High efficiency natural draft, ceramic-tip, venturi burners (specify natural gas or propane)

  • Our True-Fire burner system constructed with premium alloys gives reliability and safety all in one.

  • Direct-spark electronic ignition system

  • Digital high-limit/safety shut-off controller

  • Manual burner control valves

  • Water column pressure gauge

  • 2 Cordierite sight tubes with peephole plugs

  • LE-200-9, 12,18 & 24 all use a 1" pipe fitting (NPT)

  • LE-200-40 & 40C all use a 1_1/4" pipe fitting (NPT)


Optional Features:

  • Programmable controller - 8 programs, 16 segments each (combinable) 

  • Kiln shelving kits - Cordierite or silicon carbide 

  • Kiln hood - galvanized or stainless 

  • High temperature K26 insulation (2,600F) rated for cone 10. This brick insulation allows you to fire hotter with less wear over time. 


Models Available:

Clairmont                    | LE-200-9.         | 9.2 cubic feet        | $12,066

Venice                          | LE-200-12.       | 12 cubic feet         | $14,917

Malibu                          | LE-200-18        | 18 cubic feet         | $18,078

Firenze                         | LE-200-24        |  23.9 cubic feet     | $22,933

Barcelona                     | LE-200-40        |  40 cubic feet        | $30,225

Barcelona + Cart         | LE-200-40C     |  40 cubic feet        | $34,045


Starting price not including tax, shipping, crating fee and add-on's. 

Note: Please allow 12-18 weeks for delivery. Prices are subject to change without notice.

sure-fit  Adjustable door hinge

 Kiln features 



Premium burner


door polaroid_v5.png
door polaroid_v5.png

Optional down
draft chimney

High efficiency
sprung arch ceiling

 Reduction firing? 

 then you need an 


The Oxy-Probe is designed to be inserted into the combustion atmosphere of fuel fired kilns operating to temperatures of approximately 2400° F or less.

Precision instrument designed to improve firings in fuel-fired kilns!

  • identifies precise combustion atmospherics no matter what the weather conditions are

  • Allows for charting your firing for future consistent glaze firings

LE-201-RST |  $2,300.                                        LE-201-RIN |  $2,675.                                            LE-201-RSU |  $2,995.  

Raku kilns

Laguna Raku Kilns are safe, durable and easy to use. All kiln models can fire to cone 5 or be used for bisque firing. Available in natural gas or propane (same price). All kiln controls are manual.

Laguna Raku Kiln Features:

  • Easy-Lift. counter-balanced firing chamber

  • Heavy-gauge steel construction

  • One piece castable refractory floor

  • Firing chamber lined with high-density fiber

  • Water column gauge for accurate firing

  • 100% dual safety shut-off valve

  • 70,000 BTU per burner—210,000 total

  • Comprehensive owners manual and firing guide

Heat protective, fireproof clothing is recommended for raku firing.

Please allow 8-12 weeks for delivery.

LE-201-RST & LE-201-RIN have the same recommended furniture package. This package Includes:

4   - 10.5" x 22" x 1"  (1/2 decagon shelves),

18 -  2" Kiln posts, 

6   -  4"post and

6   -  8" posts.

Models Available:

LE-201-RST | $2,300.

LE-201-RIN | $2,675.

LE-201-RSU | $2,995.

Heat Wave  |  A255655  | $744.

Heat Wave


Do you love DIY? then the Heat Wave is what your looking for. This raku basket is portable for on site firings. all you have to do it build the kiln floor

 Starting price not including tax, shipping, crating fee.

bring the heat!

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